Thursday, February 16, 2012

Food Safety officials setting their eyes on shops selling adulterated tea and oil

After conducting raid at a confectionery shop in Munichalai here on Tuesday, the Food Safety officials are now setting their eyes on shops selling adulterated tea and oil.A special team had already conducted a surprise check on East Marret Street here where officials found that ‘fake and adulterated' tea powder was being sold.After an on-the-spot inspection, samples of the tea dust were taken and sent to the Government Food Laboratory situated near Gandhi Museum and the result will be known in a few days.


“We have complaints that some tea shops and tea powder selling wholesalers are mixing two varieties and selling it to public. Local tea powder is being mixed with branded ones. This will be checked through raids and we will take stern action as per Food Safety and Standards Act,” J.Suguna, designated officer for food safety, Madurai district, told The Hindu on Wednesday.


She said that more public awareness will be created in a phased manner and complaints can be made at the Food Safety office situated in the office of Deputy Director of Health Services at Viswanathapuram. “People buy oil in loose and that must be avoided. Otherwise, shopkeepers take advantage and sell adulterated oil,” she said.At the chocolate shop which was raided on Tuesday, the officials found that bills and receipts were not maintained at all. Chocolates and other products worth Rs.50,000 were seized from there.Dr.Suguna urged the public to insist on bills for their purchase of food products.